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Best free screen recorders apps for Android in 2020

Best Free screen recorder apps for android 2020
Best Free screen recorder apps for android 2020


I'm gonna show you three of the 3 best free screen recorders apps for Android in 2020. When choosing the screen recorders for this list, here're the criteria that I'm using. They have to be free, they have to be able to remove the watermark.

There's no time limit on the recording. Of course, some of these might have ads, which you can just close them down, and then they might have upgrades, but the idea is you can download the free version and use most of the features in the app for free.



So that's what we're gonna focus on for the apps in this video. First up is AZ Screen Recorder. This is a super powerful screen recorder. You can remove the watermark, it is free and, you can record internal sound, However, this isn't gonna work on all devices.

AZ Screen Recorder apk
AZ Screen Recorder Apk

By using this app, you can go live with it, you can stream your games if you wanna. You can just go live on Facebook or within their own community. It doesn't have any time limits for how long you can record or how long you can stream, and you don't have to root your phone to use it.

You can also do time-lapses, you can change the resolution, you can change the frames. This is an awesome app. I highly recommend you check this one out.

There are lots of sets available in AZ screen recorder  which you can customize as you need some of them are video resolution, Bitrate, Orientation, Saving Directory selection, Recording pause, and resume, All of them are available in the free AZ screen recorder app.


AZ Screen Recorder Features
AZ Screen Recorder Features

Magic button: A button that controls your recording without appearing on the screen. Consequently, your video watchers will exclusively concentrate on the application, in games which you play anything you desire to screencast.

Overlay front camera: You can record your face and your feelings in a little overlay window, which can be moved openly to any area on the screen and altered to any size and opacity.

Countdown timer: Is there something you need to get ready before being recorded? Try not to stress, the Countdown timer clock will hold up until you are prepared to begin and the snap right time when you need it.

Draw on screen: This one of a kind element is gigantic when making an instructional tutorial. You can draw, draw an image or imprint something with any picked shading specifically on your screen.

Trim videos: The screencast can be long and contains mistakes in it, you can trim the parts you would prefer not to make your recordings much increasingly amazing.

Live stream: You can record your screen and live stream to various Social media platforms which one you like.

You can download AZ Screen Recorder from playstore to use it but it doesn't have all features unlocked and if you want the AZ Screen Recorder Pro apk download it by clicking on the link.

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Next up is my personal favorite, Mobizen Screen Recorder. With Mobizen you can get spotless screen recordings. You can record internal audio on certain devices, and if you have a Samsung or LG device, you can download a specific version of Mobizen specifically for those phones that are gonna give you more flexibility and more power, including recording internal audio with your mic.

Mobizen Screen Recorder apk
Mobizen Screen Recorder apk

So if you're a gamer, this is gonna be something that you're really gonna be interested in. But you need a Samsung or an LG phone to get those particular versions, otherwise, you might have some problems with internal recording. This is another app that does not require you to root your phone to use it.

I'm going to put a link to a video that I made right there that is specifically about Mobizen, and I give you an entire walkthrough on it. So you can check that out when this video's over, and decide if it's for you.

Again, it is on number two on a personal favorite list, and they are not paying me to say that. If your favorite screen recorder did not make this list, go down and let me know about it. You know I read every single comment and question, and I reply to as many of them as possible. And when this post is over, I'm gonna go down there and carry on this conversation.


Mobizen Screen Recorder features
Mobizen Screen Recorder features

  • You can record high quality with full HD resolution within the bit rate of 12.0 Mbps and 60 fps to get the best quality out of mobizen screen recorder.

  • You can record your facecam while playing and recording games on your smartphone.

  • Record video without worrying about storage because it supports to save your videos on the external SD card.

  • It has features to trim split the recorded videos in mobizen itself and You can also add videos like an intro, outro in your recordings.

You can download Mobizen Screen Recorder from playstore to use it but it doesn't have all features unlocked and if you want the Mobizen Screen Recorder pro apk download it by clicking on the link.


Now let's move along to app number three, which is DU Recorder. If you remember some time ago, I'm gonna put a link to download the Mod version of DU Screen Recorder. I gave you the entire featured app for free, but it uses to be one of my favorites until I found Mobizen.

DU Screen Recorder Apk
DU Screen Recorder Apk

But it's really powerful because you can go live, you can do face reactions. Like all the other apps you do not need to root to use it. And you can change your video resolution, you can change your frame rate, you can remove the watermark. This is a really, really powerful app. I also highly recommend it if one of the other two apps does not work for you.

You can download DU Screen Recorder from playstore to use it but it doesn't have all features unlocked and if you want the DU Screen Recorder pro apk download it by clicking on the link.

These are some of the best free screen recorders apps for Android in 2020. If any new apps come on play store and app store So I will update this post as soon as possible for me. 

Thank you so much for reading, I do appreciate it. If this is your first time here and you wanna learn to master your Android or IOS phone, or be a mobile YouTuber, be sure to enter your email on the that subscribe Newsletter f so you don't miss out on future posts. And I'll see you in the next post.

If you know about any other Best Free screen recorders apps for android and IOS let me know in the comment.

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