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how to earn money from link shortener sites?

Earning money is not as much difficult as people think it is because there are lots of ways available on the internet to earn money easily by doing a simple task and one of them is my favorite by sharing your Url using link shortener sites. 

I am currently using a URL shortener and this URL shortener site gives you a good CPM of 4-5$ per 1000 clicks which is very good in comparison to other sites.

earn money from link shortener sites
earn money from link shortener sites

Why You should use shrinkearn link shortener?

  • It pays 15–20$ for every 1000 clicks or Visits.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly dashboard for everyone.
  • Provide a 20-25% referral commission to you.
  • 1-day payment.
  • All payment options available(Bank transfer only for Indian users).
  • Great CPM than other websites.

How to join Shrinkearn link shortener sites to earn money?

Joining these sites is very not that much complicated. All you have to is just open the sign up page of shrinkearn and enter your email address and create a password for that particular site.

Shrinkearn Sign Up Page
Shrinkearn Sign Up Page

All you have to do is just sign up and create a password for and after that login to it and you will see a dashboard like this as shown in the image below.

Shrinkearn Dashboard
Shrinkearn Dashboard

Now you have successfully joined the shrinkearn site but now you have to shorten any link to share it and earn money from this Url shortener site.

 How to shorten Url from link shortener sites?

Firstly, copy the long URL which URL you want to shorten. After that login into the shrinkearn dashboard here click on new shorten link.

Shrinkearn Link shortener
Shrinkearn Link shortener

Paste your long URL in the long URL section then click on the shorten button.  then you will get your shorten link. Now copy that link and share it wherever you can. Dashboard Dashboard

You can share this link in your WhatsApp groups, Youtube channel, and websites. You earn up to 50- 100$ per month. Your earning depends upon the traffic on your links. I have shown my own earning in the image given below and I only share this URL in my YouTube channel description.

Shrinkearn Payment Proof
Shrinkearn Payment Proof

This is my link shortener earning proof and I have only earn 22$ from this site because I don't work on this site that much. If you work on this site consistently you can earn more than me. if you like this post pls share this on WhatsApp with your friends and family.

Which payment options are provided by

Shrinkearn will provide payment through the following option:

Shrinkearn Withdrawal methods
Shrinkearn Withdrawal methods

  • PayPal minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
  • Skrill minimum withdrawal limit is 20$
  • UPI minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
  • Bank transfer is the only available for Indian and minimum withdrawal limit is 10$
  • Web Money Z minimum withdrawal limit is 5$

For a Step by step tutorial on how to join shrinkearn link shortener sites watch the video given below.


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