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5 ways to get more subscribers on youtube for free

there are thousands of YouTube channels offering different types of content.some are offering entertainment while some are offering knowledge and education. Even though there are some channels that are offering home tuition classes. In this post, you are going to see 5 ways to get more subscribers on your YouTube for free. You are going to explore the smart ways to get more traffic on your YouTube channel which drastically increases your reach on YouTube also.

5 Ways to get more subscribers on youtube for free

I learn all these ways in 3 years of my video marketing career. If you don't want to make mistakes that I make in my YouTube career. So keep reading this article carefully.
Let's start writing your success on YouTube!


If you are a video creator on youtube. You should deeply understand the power and potential of youtube comments. Let me explain to you how you can utilize the youtube comment section.

youtube comments
youtube comments

Don't think that I am going to tell you to spam other YouTuber's channel comments section with your links
The best way to utilize the YouTube comment section is to reply to the question asked by viewers in the comment and If your videos don't get comments.

Find some similar big YouTube channel with more than 10 thousand subscribers or more and go to some of their most popular video's comment section.

Reply to their subscriber's question and don't add anything in the comment which looks like you are doing your promotion, for example, check out my channel, Subscribe to my channel, a video is available on my channel.

If you add these types of quotes in your comment. It automatically went to spam or held for review, and Nobody is able to see that until the owner of the channel approves your comment.
The owner of the channel also doesn't approve your comment if you do the promotion of your channel in comments.

That the method of how to utilize other creator's comment section and now let's talk about how to use your own comment section to gain more subscribers on YouTube for free on your channel.


By using a simple watermark, you can increase the number of subscribers on your youtube channel without making any extra efforts. As you can see in the image given above a subscribe button watermark is added to attract the viewer's attention and if any viewer clicks on that watermark.

YouTube branding watermark
YouTube branding watermark

They will subscribe to your channel automatically from the video page, and you can also track the clicks and subscribe from YouTube analytics.

If you want to attach a subscribe watermark to your own youtube channel videos check out the video tutorial given below:



You can increase the number of subscribers you are getting now by just making some customization to your YouTube channel URL for example.


After: this link to see action)

(Your YouTube channel link)?sub_confirmation=1

Add your channel link and remove brackets.

YouTube subscribe popup link
YouTube subscribe popup link

By just adding "?sub_confirmation=1" in your channel URL. If any user who clicks on your channel link will see a subscribe pop up for your channel as you can see in the image shown below.

By customizing your youtube channel link, you are making easy to for the viewer to subscribe your channel. If viewers really enjoy your video, so they subscribe to your channel easily.


customize your  YouTube channel layout
customize your  YouTube channel layout 

If you want that your YouTube channel new viewers should trust you and subscribe to your channel. You have to use all the customization features given by youtube. Make your channel looks professional so the viewer will trust and respect you.

You have to show consistency or a pattern in your youtube channel art and thumbnail. If you don't know how to make channel art for youtube.

Consider searching on YouTube for tutorials on How to make professional channel art. You will find plenty of tutorials by which you can make channel art for your channel.

If you don't want to mess up with graphic designing work hire someone on Fiverr and get professionally design channel art only under 5$.


There are lots of features available on youtube by which you can increase your subscribers. By using and screen you can increase your number of views and subscribers very easily.


Sharing of End screens of your latest video on your most popular video can help you gain more views on your new videos.

By adding subscribe and screen on your videos you can increase the number of the subscriber on your channel very easily.

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