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How to get free traffic from Quora? Quora marketing guide

Friends today, through this blog post, You will learn about how to get free traffic from quora?. You can drive traffic from to your blog post easily by answering questions on quora.

free traffic from quora
how to get free traffic from quora

How to Free traffic to your blog from quora?

Friends, if you are a blogger and you write posts on your blog daily and publish articles on your blog, but even if visitors are not coming on your blog or website.

Then in such a way you can work on your blog or website in many types of work. So that traffic is generated on your blog website.

And keeping this in mind today, through this blog post, we will tell you how you can generate traffic on your blog from quora. You drive unlimited traffic from If your answers are liked by people.

What is Quora? 

Quora is a website where Internet users get answers to every type of question. That too by another Internet user. Many times it happens that there are many questions that we do not know their answer.

And even if we do not find a search on the Internet, we can still upload our questions through quora. Anyone who knows the answer to that question can give there answer. You will get different answers from different Quora users

what is quora
what is

And on quora’s website, you will see that you will find many questions that are related to your question, and you can easily find different types of answers as well.

Either of them can read and understand the answer and know the answer to your question. But the question comes before you is how to get free traffic from Quora? How to increase traffic on your blog with quora?

Friends, you must have understood how in quora you can get an answer to your question or you can also upload your question and from there you can find your answer, now I am going to share how you can bring traffic to your blog using quora.

How to Join

how to join quora
how to join

For this, first, you have to Sign up on Quora’s website and now as soon as you do Sign up, then you will have to select some category from there. This category will be related to your blog.

If your blog Health and Fitness are related, then you will get related categories like this Will to have to select Now you will see that your account will have related questions from Health and Fitness.

How to Select the best question on quora to answer?

You will have to select such a question from which is Related to your niche or any of your’s blog posts, Then you should write 3-4 lines of the answer to the question.

After that add a link of a blog post from your blog which answers the question. You can also apply a photo of your blog post.

When you do this, any visitor falls on the three-four line of that Answer in your Post, and if he likes it from there, he clicks on your blog’s link.

And in such a way you also get Traffic along with backlinks. And when you give your blog posts links to Answers of many such Questions, you will see that gradually you get a lot of traffic from there.

Keep these things in mind when giving a link to QUORA’s WEBSITE.

Friends, if you are new to quora’s website, and you have just signed up or you have just joined quora, then whenever you answer a question, you don’t have any kind of link.

No, it does not mean that you can’t offer Answer over there, and you can upgrade your Answer later, you have to do this at an early stage. And you can give answers to question without a lot of links.

And appeal in your answer to upvote. In such a situation, you emerge as a good user.


 Whenever you answer any question don’t add non-relevant links of your blog post. If you add irrelevant links in the answer.

It is considered spam by the quora moderation team. If you do it again and again. This will result in a temporary or permanent ban from quora. So try not to put too many links in the initial phase and avoid spamming.

Avoid spamming on quora
Quora Moderation remove answer for spamming

To avoid spamming, friends, you must initially give answers related to your blog niche. And the information given in it should be correct and accurate.

Provide a SIMPLE and exact ANSWER.

In the early stages, You have to detailed answers to questions. So try to build your trust among people. Your answer should directly be connected with the question and don’t try to promote yourself forcefully in answers.

Information given therein must be correct. Your answer simple you provided must be more precise that forces users to read its entire information. And your answer should be easily understood.

language selection

Friends, if you write your blog or website in Hindi, then use the Hindi language. And if your blog or website is in English.

Quora languages
Quora support multiple languages 

You can select the English language. Because whenever you answer, that question should also be in the same language, you have to keep in mind that if a question is asked in Hindi, then you can write your answer in Hindi.

Get upvote on your Answers.

In the beginning, when you write an answer on quora you can write a line there to appeal to upvote your answer. So that whenever a user reads your answer, it will help your answer to get Upvotes.

And your answer will start to rank quora. In such a situation, when you get maximum voting, you can easily post your blog post link. So chances of getting banned by quora moderation were very low.

Quora is a very powerful platform from where you can generate huge traffic for your blog or website. for this, you will have to work a little hard in the early stages.

Quora Upvotes
Quora Upvotes

Moreover, if you work hard with the passions here in the initial phase. You can generate a very good amount of traffic from Then you will not need to worry much for your blog. You will not need many unique visitors either.

By the way, there are many platforms available for generating Traffic for your Blog or website. But quora is best because you get targeted unlimited traffic from it.

But you will have to work a little hard in this initial phase. You will have to find good questions related to your niche. Whom you can answer through your blog post. In such a way you can get a huge amount of traffic from

From here you also get the idea for a new blog post, when you find out your question on quora, then you get many related Question from where you also get the idea of ​​writing post.

You can get loyal visitors to your website by writing a detailed blog post answering the question. This gives you double benefit from quora, one gets Traffic from quora and secondly, you get a topic for writing Post.


Friends, you must now understand how to get free traffic from Quora? How to drive traffic from Quora to your blog?.  If you keep writing good answers on quora. It can help you get traffic passively without doing any other efforts.

Quora is one of the best platforms to promote your website or blog.  Because it provides you targeted traffic which you can easily convert into sales or leads

I hope you have liked this post on How to get free traffic from quora?. And if you still have any questions or suggestions.

You can comment on us, we will try to give you an answer. You continued on our blog to read the related posts with similar technical and blogging.

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