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Tech Munsi is a blog for those people who want only Mobile tricks, Youtube guide, Android tricks, Technology Hacks, Computer Hacks, Internet tricks and hacks and You get the opinion on this blog related to Gadgets.

  I work hard to give good content to you guys and for the hunger of technology. is only for Guiding people about Technology and giving them Education. If you have any difficulty in any Topic or you have any Doubt. just Feel Free Ask free to ask me in the comment on the topic.

If you require any more information or have any question feel free to contact us by email at

      Md Shoyab Raza CEO & Founder of  Lyrics kitaab  & Tech Munsi blog

Md Shoyab Raza
Md Shoyab Raza

Md Shoyab Raza is a part-time blogger and tech geek from India. Apart from Blogging, I am a student. I love to write about Technology Hacks. Md Shoyab Raza is the founder of Tech Generator. I love to share my knowledge. You can also check out my lyrics kitaab  & Tech generator blog.






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